At Kilmoon we recognise our duties to design and build in a responsible manner, we are continually evolving our business to develop the most resource efficient and sustainable company for the future.

This long-term commitment is at the core of our company strategy and much consideration is given to all policy decisions.

The reputation that Kilmoon has obtained as a leading building and civil engineering firm is reflective of having a well-defined sense of our corporate responsibilities.


The impact of the activities associated with industry today is one of the major global concerns. Kilmoon recognise the needs of everyone and have implemented a companywide commitment to sustainable development. We are always conscious of how the work we do will impact on the communities we serve and respect their needs and values.

As we are driven to constantly improve sustainable development, Kilmoon do not view ourselves as merely a contractor, but as a role model in a modern society leading the way for others. We understand the need for prudent use of natural resources, effective protection of the environment and maintain stable levels of economic growth and employment.

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The effects of construction industry operations are becoming ever more evident on our ecosystem and biodiversity and Kilmoon have taken steps to ensure we always protect and when possible enhance the natural environment. The Environmental Management System put into practice by the Kilmoon is designed to comply with the requirements of the BS EN ISO 14001 and NvriOcert standards and is appropriate to all of the company activities and accounts for the nature, scale and environmental impacts of each. Such a honest approach not only minimises negative impact and maximises positive opportunities; it also consolidates strong, trusting relationships with our Clients and stakeholders.

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Health and Safety

Kilmoon rise to the health and safety challenge through personal commitment from those at the top level to those on the work site.  Nothing we do is more important than carrying out the tasks to the highest possible H&S principles. Our third party accreditations are among the essential tools we use to meet our health and safety commitment. We have developed our Site Specific H&S Plan in accordance with procedures set out by the OHSAS18001 and SafeTcert accreditation programs.

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As we put so much emphasis on keeping our customers satisfied, to ensure we meet their expectations Kilmoon maintain an excellent system to meet the standard set out by EN BS ISO:9001

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